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The Growth Business Club

What is the GBC App Builder

Our App Builder will be accessible to you after filling out the complete membership onboarding process. After You officially become a member of the GBC program, you will immediately have access to create your own app through the GBC App builder.

What the GBC App builder will offer you

  • Your Dashboard will allow you to create your app, edit your app, send notifications to potential customers and keep your community informed. 

  • There will be an array of resources available in the resource hub on both the GBC app and gbc website that will teach you how to create your app, market your app and use it to elevate your business. 

  • We will have a technical support team available through email to handle any questions or technical issues you may have.

  • If you would like us to create your app for you instead of customizing it yourself, we also have that service available for you at $2000 charge. 

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